A Blast from the Past

Gina and Beret are mostly off-duty this week, but we thought we’d remind you of a few past projects to tide you over during what remains of the holidays. Here are projects that are easy, fun, and use common household materials. String of lights? Check. Alka-Seltzer? Check. Put those holiday items to a new use.

Cereal box night lights!


Milk Carton Wallets!

Perhaps I should call these juice carton wallets.  ©2013 Beret Olsen
©2013 Beret Olsen

Lava lamps!

DSCN0653And as long as you have the food coloring out, how about Paper Marbling?

Here is a food coloring print. If you look carefully, you can see where I dripped water on it accidentally.


Note to our readers:  over the next month or so, we are hoping to make a few design and organizational changes here at LobeStir. Please be patient as we transition and try new things–and let us know what you think!

Author: Beret Olsen

Beret Olsen is a writer, teacher, and photo editor for 100 Word Story. She loves toast, the Oxford comma, and all your comments and questions.

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