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Well, it happened.

It happens every year.

The end of the school year approached, mayhem ensued, and now the two best reasons to ignore everything else in the world are in my house 24/7.

It’s looking a little grim for a post until “Camp Beret” goes on a brief hiatus July 8.

Who knows, my esteemed co-conspirator Gina might make a surprise appearance, or I might get lucky and squeeze out a book review before mid-July. But just in case, I’m sending apologies in advance.

Since many of you are experiencing a spike in quality time with your kids as well, might I suggest perusing the archives? Perhaps this is the summer to mummify a chicken, or make a lemon battery, invisible ink, or ice cream in a bag. Maybe you want to try extracting DNA from fruit, or use cabbage juice as a pH indicator. Now’s your chance.    

Rooting around online, I also found:

*This year’s version of Summer Camp at Home: 9  weeks of activities. She (Holly) posts each week, so she’s just getting rolling this season, but you can find last year’s 10 weeks of themed activities, too, which includes units on the Earth, the ocean, wildlife, trains, and all sorts of things.

*Pinterest’s Summer Camp at Home ideas. This has lists of things to do (101 almost free things to do this summer, among other lists), links to making Harry Potter themed snacks, links for all kinds of random art and science activities.

*Stay at Home Camp ideas: making a camp “kit” by throwing certain objects and a few directions in a box and turning kids loose.

*Budget, stay-home camp ideas. These are mostly simple, no-frills suggestions, but when you get frazzled, sometimes it’s nice to be spoon fed reasonable alternatives to driving each other crazy.


I have been experimenting around with all kinds of fun things recently–Diet Coke! Dry ice!–so more LobeStir activities are on the way in July.

Author: Beret Olsen

Beret Olsen is a writer, teacher, and photo editor for 100 Word Story. She loves toast, the Oxford comma, and all your comments and questions.

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